Tuesday, March 4, 2008

MEMO TO MEDIA -- and add to your Events Calendar

Mike Huckabee is not the only presidential candidate with a sense of humor. I did a stand-up comedy routine last Wednesday evening (2/27/08) at the open mic night at the Comedy TN Club.
I think my routine was an historic moment. I'm the oldest (76 years old) white male ever to step on stage at this venue as a virgin...performer. I stole from political satirist Mort Sahl updating his techniques to this new century. Mort used newspaper stories to feed his humor. I used stuff from TV and the Internet.
Comedy, TN is located at 6102 Macon Road - at Sycamore View - across the parking lot from Bass Pro. They say "Reservations are highly recommended! ... Call 384-HAHA." But, I told the media they can probably ignore that. The action starts around 8:15 pm. I was number 6 of a dozen. We each had 5 minutes. I did quite well. And videotaped it. I plan to put an excerpt of that on My Space and You Tube. Be there.

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