Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Why David F. Diamond is Running for President

Changes in the Organ Transplant Law will create a huge increase in the number of organs available.

Republican Presidential Candidate David F. Diamond has developed plans that will:
  • Win him the nomination at the GOP Convention in 2008
  • Provide an appropriate estate to the heirs of organ providers when they might otherwise have little or nothing to leave behind
  • Compel all the other presidential candidates, Democratic and Republican, to address the issue
How I Will Win the GOP Nomination

The polls and the pundits say Republicans are looking for more choices for President. The leading contenders in the race are taking different positions on a lot of the issues. That's understandable as they try to distinguish themselves in the marketplace. The win-win aspect to this is that our candidates will refine our party's stand on the major issues by the time of our convention. In the end, we will be unified. I'm sure of that. So I am focusing my candidacy on the issue of solving the shortage of organs for transplant purposes.

This will give my fellow Republicans another choice in the contest as it continues to evolve. Still, I see a deadlocked convention. In that situation, I believe I can be the presumptive party nominee. When that happens, I have committed myself to adopting the positions of the number two contender, who will have best expressed the consensus of the party's views on all the major issues. In addition I will ask that person to serve as my vice-presidential running mate.

Here's the beauty of all this: With me as the nominee and a vice president whose views I will enhance and support -- along with supporting the party platform -- we will have a unified party going into the general election. And we will have a candidate who can seriously attack a real problem that is currently -- and unnecessarily -- causing the deaths of 6,900 U.S. citizens annually. These people die because not enough organs are available for transplant. My plan is a real solution to a real problem.

How You Can Help

Some people who have considered organ donation have decided, for whatever reason, not to do so. Many of them, surveys show, would add their organs to the supply if they knew that their estate would be paid an appropriate amount for their organs.

Your role: Get involved in this campaign. Campaign managers, fund raisers and volunteers are needed across the country.

Contact us for full details of the plan that will make plenty of organs available without forcing anyone to participate in that process. E-mail us at or write to David F. Diamond for President, 777 Mt. Moriah Rd., Suite 46, Memphis, TN 38117-5328.

Thank you for your support.