Monday, May 12, 2008



4,000 American servicemen have died during the 5 years of the war in Iraq and Afganistan. But 33,759* Americans have died during the last 5 years because of the shortage of organs for transplant. And those deaths were not necessary. The organ shortage is an unintended consequence of a provision in the Federal organ transplant law that permits only donated organs to be used. The solution for people not willing to donate organs: a regulated system allowing organs to be sold. It will increase the organ supply exponentially.

I have been running for the Republican nomination for president for the past year focusing on my plan to solve the shortage. But I am withdrawing from the 2008 race, since John McCain is now clearly going to be the GOP nominee. And, of course, I will support McCain. He's a good man and I believe he will win.

But my campaign to solve the organ shortage has not ended. I am going to continue my efforts to have all presidential candidates, democratic and republican, address this issue. I have asked our local congressman, democrat Steve Cohen, and Senator McCain to co-sponsor the necessary non-partisan legislation to amend the organ transplant law. I will be asking Senators Obama and Clinton to join this crusade.

Details of my plan are available on this website. Click on it in the righthand column. Those who would like to help are invited to contact me by phone, email or fax. I'm available for media interviews. Please add me to your list of resource people for the subject of organ transplants.

*Source: United Network for Organ Sharing
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